HMA celebrates 15 years of production in Alabama

On Nov. 14, 2001, a grand total of 10 Odysseys, powered by Alabama-built V-6 engines, were celebrated by the associates at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama.

In the span of 15 years since those first Odysseys, HMA associates, who now total more than 4,500, have built more than 4 million vehicles and engines.

“The commitment and dedication of our 4,500 associates has allowed HMA to achieve this production milestone and fulfill our commitment to quality for Honda customers across the globe,” said Jeff Tomko, HMA President.

On Monday, Nov. 14, 2016, associates and on-site contractors were treated to cupcakes, soft drinks and fruit at all lunches at the three HMA cafeterias. That afternoon, HMA Operation Leaders, along with several members of HMA’s first hiring class, planted a Japanese Cherry Tree in commemoration of all HMA associates, past and present.

There are many meanings associated with the Japanese Cherry Tree, but the most common meaning is “pure,” as in “pure beauty.”

“As this tree grows stronger and offers its beauty to the world – it is my hope that each associate will have joy as we offer beautiful products to Honda customers around the world,” said HMA Senior Vice President Noboru Takahashi.

“HMA began as a dream—and the work of a small team of dedicated associates brought this dream to reality. Who knows what future dreams you will have? But please think of the power of those dreams … and the beauty that comes when every associate works together to make dreams come true.”

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