Honda’s ‘Say Hello To ASIMO’ Tour Arrives In Alabama

LINCOLN, Ala. – More than 4,000 Talladega area students got a first-hand look at ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot Friday, during the “Say Hello to ASIMO” North American Educational Tour at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega.

This is the only Alabama stop in ASIMO’s year-long tour to major cities across the United States, which is designed to introduce the public to ASIMO and encourage students to study robotics and science. Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, (HMA) is sponsoring ASIMO’s visit free of charge to the community. The Alabama leg of the national tour kicked off today with special demonstrations today for nearly 4,000 students in the Lincoln and Talladega area school systems.

“HMA is proud to welcome the ASIMO tour and present this show to the community,” said Masaaki Kato, president and CEO of HMA. “As a world leader in mobility technology, our hope at Honda is that the young people who attend the ASIMO demonstrations will be inspired to pursue their own dreams in the study of science and technology.”

The 30-minute show consists of a live high-tech stage show, educational video presentations and a live demonstration of ASIMO’s capabilities. It will be presented several times to the public each day on Saturday and Sunday. Four special performances for area students were held throughout the day on Friday. By the end of the weekend, more than 12,000 people are expected to attend the ASIMO demonstrations.

ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) was developed by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced mobility technology. The ASIMO tour provides a unique opportunity for students to experience a humanoid robot in person. It is Honda’s goal that young people who attend the ASIMO show will be encouraged to study sciences such as math, engineering, physics and computer science.

Honda engineers created ASIMO, an advanced humanoid robot able to function in real-world environments, after more than 16 years of research and development. ASIMO can walk forward and backward, turn smoothly without pausing, climb stairs and maintain balance while walking on uneven slopes and surfaces. ASIMO has two arms and two hands, which ease such tasks as reaching for and grasping objects, switching lights on and off or opening and closing doors.

The ASIMO North American Educational Tour includes a companion educational Web site and an essay contest where schools can enter to win an exclusive visit from ASIMO.

ASIMO made its U.S. debut Feb. 14, 2002, when it rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.’s listing on the NYSE.

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